We had a WONDERFUL spa day here. The energy of the people and the space is so relaxed, and it’s so worth the money for the steam room, herbal bath, and absolute BEST massage I’ve had in Southeast Asia. At times in Vietnam and other neighboring countries, I’ve felt like the massages were lacking in any kind of technique. Not here! My masseuse was definitely trained and what she did as the 90 minutes went on felt SO intuitive and exactly what my body needed/wanted. It was borderline magic and I felt her shifting energy and meridians in my body like I’d never experienced before. I also love that after the steam room and herbal bath the massage started with a good 20 minutes just on my head. I’d gotten a headache (probably from the toxin release) and what she did with pressure points on my skull, etc. completely blew me away and elevated all pain. Thank you Huong Sen! We’ll be back 🙂